[2019 Hot Brand] HDX WILL, Dental Imaging Equipment 'DENTRI-X', 'Q FACE', 'eco-x'

2020-05-15 08:31
[2019 Hot Brand] HDX WILL, Dental Imaging Equipment 'DENTRI-X', 'Q FACE', 'eco-x'

HDX WILL, one of the major fabricants of the radiological dental imaging equipment, is a company of essential equipments equipped with various functions as well as necessary products for diagnosis that clinicians are looking for first. This year, HDX participated in numerous exhibitions to demonstrate the excellence of the products and so HDX could extend the product purchase rate.

DENTRI-X, which can shoot at a lower dose than the panorama, reduced the DAP, a vital measurement of radiation dose, to 150 units. Therefore, basic scanning based on ‘DENTRI-X’ and CBCT shooting are also possible for panoramic shooting.

The area for CT shooting is nearly twice as large, but the same shooting time and the same amount of radiation are possible. With the '2D Multi-Layer' function, up to 31 panoramic layers can be created at one scan. 'DENTRI-X', which contains these advantages, can be used as an equipment suitable for the adult orthodontic treatment and even pediatric orthodontic treatment, and with low radiation dose, it is possible to compare changes between before and after orthodontic treatment using CBCT overlapping function.

Innovative 4 in 1 Digital System equipment 'Q FACE' is a device that enables selective imaging by particular diagnosis area when treating TMJ, Airway, Vertebrae, and Sinus.

'Q FACE' is a key trend equipment that is increasing more and more its utilization in dentistry and plastic surgery as it is capable of expressing 3D shapes and colors with only a camera and laser driving, without using X-rays. The existing CBCT images could not be expressed in colors, so there was a limit when explaining to patients, but this problem was totally compensated by 3D Face function, a new function of the innovative 'Q FACE'.

3D Face is a technology that captures a patient's face with only a camera and laser.

Therefore, it is now possible to predict from treatment planning to post-treatment in double-jaw surgery.

This is because 3D Face has secured ultra-high-definition imaging technology that combines big data and artificial intelligence technology with existing 2D and 3D imaging techniques, and source technology to obtain high-quality images by reducing the radiation dose of X-ray and CBCT.

One of the products that clinicians should pay attention to in the future is 'eco-x', a new product created with AI technology.

‘Eco-x’ is an AI Algorithm device developed by HDX WILL's unique technology, enabling clear diagnosis from anatomical structures to symptoms. In addition, Metal Artifact and high-quality AI MAR images with reduced image distortion, can assist in accurate diagnosis of prosthetic and orthodontic patients, and Ceph Landmark Auto Detection technology automatically calculates them for faster and more accurate work.

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