Proudly producing cutting edge dental equipment with Korean technology Jung Hong, CTO of HDXWILL

2019-10-18 14:52

Proudly producing cutting edge dental equipment with Korean technology
Jung Hong, CTO of HDXWILL

‘DENTRI’, ‘Will3D’ and ‘Q-Face’
It is not surprising to know the fact that the Korea’s medical industry normally imports expensive equipment from the USA and Europe. Being thirst for the need of Made in Korea medical equipment for many years, HDXWILL has set off a wave of innovation in the medical industry with dental video imaging equipment made only by Korean technologies. First established in 2008 under the name of WILLMED, HDXWILL rose to fame with dental CBCT that boasts cutting edge performance and it is being sold as No.1 dental equipment in the relevant field in Korea. The company proved its R&D capabilities and original technology by releasing DENTRI in 2012. In March this year, the Small and Medium Business Administration appointed HDXWILL for ‘Global Hidden Champions Support Project’ and the CBCT was also approved by the U.S. FDA in September the same year. At the SIDEX 2017 (Seoul International Dental Exhibition & Scientific Congress), HDXWILL unveiled another model ‘Q-Face’ loaded with 3D face scan and the CBCT and received many wows from buyers visiting the congress; it is approved by the U.S. RED last month. So far, HDXWILL has sold around 3,000 units of dental CT and X-Ray for the last 4 years with 36 billion won (USD$33M) yearly sales as of October 2017. HDXWILL CTO Jung Hong ascribes its success to the big data and AI-connected HD video imaging technology, 3D volume data and surface data display-driven surgical simulation, and mobile-connected 3D face display adjustment technology. And the ‘Mechatronics Team’ in the company is the heart of these technical accomplishments that have made it possible to produce precision cutting edge medical devices at its factory in Osong, North Chungcheong Province. CTO Jung majored in medical imaging at KAIST and studied under the instruction of professor Ye Jong-chul, an authority of the field. Jung had stuck himself to the idea of making Korean medical equipment ever since his graduation and eventually joined HDXWILL in 2013. He especially focused his R&D capabilities on ‘X-Ray Low Dose CBCT’ and achieved a great feat that reduced the amount of the x-ray dose by 1/3 with his innovative ‘Ultrafast Scan Mode’. Jung added to this technology 2D panorama and Cephalo functions to introduce DENTRI. The development and the release subsequently led him to the recent release of the follow-up model ‘Will3D’ loaded with 3D viewer surgery and the simulation function. It is not much to say that ‘DENTRI’, ‘Will3D’ and ‘Q-Face’ are the three highly praised equipment of HDXWILL and they are expected to lay the foundation for the company to expand the technological scope to plastic surgery and otorhinolaryngology in near future.

Spreading wings to global market
The differentiation of HDXWILL comes from cost-effectiveness, customized imaging system software and updatable software technology that remove your financial burden to buy up-to-date equipment every now and then according to Jung. In fact, Jung applied deep learning technology in development of ‘Low Dose X-Ray CT’; it reduced DAP (Dose Area Product) to 150 which is less than panorama filming yet it gives HD images; it also realized the MAR, the technology held by an American company, during the process of using the X-Ray CT. Currently, HDXWILL is working on export contract with 30 countries in the world and running an office in the USA, China, France, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines. It is encouraging that HDXWILL has already dominated the market in Vietnam with its cost-effectiveness. The company has demonstrated the excellence of its equipment at 24 home and overseas exhibitions including the USA, Israel and Russia and export volume has increased by 250% on last year. It is also worth mentioning that Jung reflects each need of consumer groups in each country into R&D and subsequent products that can answer their demand. Meanwhile, all 110 employees of HDXWILL are full time of which 40 technology specialists freely exchange ideas in equal work relations. Jung values more of R&D and commercialization of the products than signing the papers on the desk and is pouring more time, effort and budget in that term. Jung and the employees of HDXWILL recently gathered their strength one more time with a great ambition to introduce a mobile app that can make marketing and management of hospital easier by using 3D face manipulication function. The app aims at both hospital managers and the normal users and will be loaded with Photoshop-based virtual plastic surgery. In addition, HDXWILL is pushing forward the releasing of ‘standing CT’. If the existing CT must make sure of the patient to be stable in order to get precise images but the ‘standing CT’ will be able to adjust the movement of the patient to still get the precise 3D images according to Jung. Jung said that the door of HDXWILL is always open for those who have challenging and creative mind.

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